Make your man happy

A happy relationship is a great thing to share. You may share the perfect romance with your partner but sometimes it takes more than just romantic gestures to keep him happy and interested. While love is a great experience shared by two partners, your behaviour around him can also impact his state of mind and the happiness in the relationship. So, do you want to be the perfect woman for your man? Follow some of the points below and you would definitely be playing your part in keeping the relationship happy.


1. Praise him in front of others: When you show your appreciation for him in front of others he’ll be grateful and glad to have you in his life.

2. Make him feel secure: Mostly men have epic egos, but they are extremely fragile when it comes to matters of the heart. They get threatened easily and sometimes go into an insecure shell. This is when you need to avoid making him feel insecure so he will love you more.

3. Take the lead in bed: One of the biggest reason why couples start getting bored in bed is because of repetition. Always try to experiment with something new with your partner. Keep things sexy and he’ll always be awed by you.

4. Compliment him: All of us love to hear compliments. Compliment your man for his intellect and physique. He’ll be happy to know you notice.

5. Motivate him in his endeavors: You can pick flaws in your man but don’t oppose him without rational judgement. Bring out the best in your man and help him achieve his destiny by complimenting and motivating him.

So if you really want to be happy in your relationship then both the partners have to make a conscious effort to fill the relationship with love and happiness.


Some important things that are good for your relationship

Every relationship takes two to tango, but its not necessary that the dance floor is always smooth sailing all the way. Being in a relationship is not an easy task but its bondedness is entirely up to you — that, and how well you and your partner take care of things.

You will find many sorts of relationships some are good,bad and some are too much complicated relationships. The most important things is the happiness,satisfaction you experience regardless of the fact that in which relationship you are in.


Communication is the secret to every relationship. If you will not talk about them they will never get to know that thing. So express everything your partner.

Don’t hold grudges as holding grudges can be unhealthy and will eventually eat you up from inside. If you say you forgive him or her them mean it. Trust is the basic root for your relationship  So, unless he’s given you a reason to be suspicious don’t be.

Whenever you fight make sure not to bad mouth him or her to your friends. Try to solve out the matter and finish the problem among yourselves only. If you are wrong then admit it that you have made a mistake for which you want to apologise.

Please don’t give space to the third person to interfere in your relation. Don’t let the opinions of others influence your bonding. Whenever you fight don’t bring past events. Those past fights have nothing to do with your current fight.

Classic luxury from Cartier’s new bag

Luxury label Cartier is best known for its jewellery but if you’re looking to indulge check out its new Marcello de Cartier bowling bag

While luxury brand Cartier is best known for its stunning high end jewellery, the brand also has a range of super-luxe bags; the latest addition is the Marcello de Cartier bowling bag.

Designed to be as indispensable as the perfect Little Black Dress, the Marcello de Cartier bowling bag is both elegant and functional. It’s also timeless, simple and ageless.

Using specially selected calfskin that’s been tanned and treated to create a vintage look, the Marcello de Cartier bowling bag has a full zip closure, a detachable shoulder strap and the handle size means you can carry it on your arm or over your shoulder.

Available in black, red and tobacco – a rich brown – the Marcello de Cartier bowling bag costs $2,730 and is available from all Cartier boutiques. The perfect addition to your wardrobe; you can never have too much classic luxury after all.


How to wear a summer maxi dress

When on vacation, the last thing you want to do is spend hours agonising over what you should wear to the pool, for dinner and to the club.


Thankfully, with a little creativity and smart accessorising, you can maximise the number of ways you can wear a single piece from your wardrobe so you can have a fantastic time in the sun and spend a little less time in your hotel room.

According to THE OUTNET, a maxi dress is a summer vacation essential, and after watching their video (see below), we can’t help but agree.

Watch the video, and check out our 10 picks from THE OUTNET that are perfect for pairing with your summer maxi dress.

You can thank us later.

All of the items featured are available from THE OUTNET; go to for more information.


Get spotted with LeSportsac

There is nothing more chic and functional than the iconic LeSportsac bag.

The trendy lightweight line of bags has come a long way since it was founded in 1974.  Featuring casual nylon bags that include handbags, travel totes, messenger bags, backpacks and accessories, die-hard fans swear by their every print and collaboration.

It has also taken the fashion world by storm, launching collaborations with famed designers, artists and brands like Stella McCartney, Diane von Furstenberg, Gwen Stefani, Toki Doki, Fafi, Fifi Lapin and more.

The kitschy prints and bold colours add a pop of colour, and a whole lot of fun, to any outfit.

This year marks the 38th anniversary of the brand and what better way is there to celebrate it than to give away more bags for more people to enjoy in their LeSPOTsac street style contest?

All you have to do is head down to Orchard Road this Saturday, May 19 between 10-6pm and be spotted carrying a LeSportsac bag!

If you’re one of the 38 Street Style winners being spotted, you could very well walk away with Limited Edition Everyday Bags by LeSportsac, sweet treats by Plain Jane Gelato and stand a chance to win a 3-night stay at Small Luxury Hotels of the World at any of their 520 hotels across 70 countries!

In addition, log on to the LeSportsac Facebook page to vote for your favourite street style looks between May 22-30!

So come on down and join in the fun this Saturday and be ahead of the trend by walking away with a limited edition bag! Don’t forget to bring your LeSportsac along!